Phase 1 - "Explore"

Church Planting with Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT

“Church Planting is crucial for the health and future

of the church & our participation in God’s mission.

It is too important to be left to a few enthusiasts.”

Stuart Murray – Planting Churches in the 21st Century

1.1 Why Plant

It’s Biblical Church planting follows the example of Jesus. When we reach into new communities and sub-cultures seeking to penetrate them with the gospel and establish new faith communities within them, we follow the example of Jesus who came to our world and met us...

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1.2 GEN1K Vision

A thousand (link to section explaining number) healthy (link to section with the picture of health) churches in a generation The vision as affirmed by our movement is for every NSW & ACT Baptist church to be linked to a church planting project in some way, either...

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1.3 Meet the Team

GEN1K TEAMJamie Freeman - Gen1K Missions Team Leader Alongside his role as Gen1K Mission Team Leader, Jamie is also responsible for the implementation of the Gen1k vision for church planting. Your initial discussions, debriefs along the way and support will all come...

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1.4 Training & Support

AssessmentThe Discernment Process is designed to assess the planter and proposed planting model considering giftedness, support, team, and context. We know there are limitations making this assessment through referees, interviews, a planting proposal and the final...

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