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As part of our goal and vision commitment the Baptist Association has appointed an Evangelism Consultant. This role promotes and develops increased local evangelism engagement amongst the Association churches.

The Evangelism Consultant works with church leaders and key ministry leaders assisting them in creating a faith-sharing culture, increasing confidence in the gospel, training in personal evangelism and empowering those gifted with evangelism.

I believe Belinda is very gifted in this area and on behalf of Carlingford Baptist Church would like to thank the Association for making it possible for Belinda to serve local churches like ours in this way. We would enthusiastically recommend her to other churches who want to encourage and equip their people for faith sharing.

– Rev Stephen Hales, Senior Pastor Carlingford Baptist Church

Belinda Lakelin

Belinda Lakelin

Evangelism Consultant


Discover inspiration for sharing the good news of Jesus through a church consultation or from a range of workshops.  Our blog on evangelism tackles some of the reasons we find evangelism difficult and what we can do about it.


Take your evangelism to the next level by participating in the evangelism and church planting conference or by joining the emerging evangelist cohort. Find out more


Experience how comedy and evangelism can impact your neighbourhood. Find out more about Uncle Nath – Clean Christian Comedian, Stand Up Comedy.


Love Speaks: To Others
Helping High School students learn to represent Jesus through what they say and how they act. #TalkitUp #BackitUp

The Art of Noticing
2 Hour Interactive workshop equipping people to notice the everyday opportunities they have to share their faith (available in Mandarin and Korean)

As You Are Going
For those who want more time to explore faith sharing in our post-modern culture. This course can be run over one day or 4 weeks.

Tongue Tied
One of the reasons we don’t share our faith is we are worried we’ll be asked a question we don’t know how to answer. This 1 hour workshop explores what to say when you don’t know what to say.

Story Telling
What if talking about Jesus meant……actually talking about Jesus! Explore the power of telling your friends stories about Jesus.

Seeing the Value of Your Story
Today’s culture wants to know “does it work?” Our testimony demonstrates to people the difference that Jesus makes in our life. A little bit of practice will give us confidence to share what God has done for us.

Journeying to Jesus
What’s the first thing someone needs to hear about Jesus? Is it that he saves them from hell? That he loves them? That there is great evidence that he lived and died? This workshop explores the gospel message and the different paths people can take to trust in Jesus.

The Workers are Few
A workshop designed for your church leadership. Be encouraged and challenged by Matthew 9 to keep focused on the harvest.

Plan A
This workshop is a partnership between our evangelism and community engagement teams. Jesus clearly commands us to Go in Matthew 28, but what does this look like in our context? The Great Commission is broken down into five practical principles that your church can use to advance the Kingdom through word and deed.

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