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The Great Commission challenges all followers of Jesus to invest their heart, soul and purpose into making disciples. This viral transmission of the gospel of love, grace and hope is not only to capture our hearts as Christ followers but our time, resources and passion

We believe that if enough followers of Jesus in NSW and the ACT lived their lives and express the gospel with mercy, justice, friendship, hope sharing and generosity, they could change the fabric of our culture.

This conviction lies at the heart of Gen1K.

1000 healthy churches in a generation

Our shared goal


A few years ago the Association of Baptist Churches in NSW & ACT agreed together, with God’s enabling, that the legacy we would like to leave the next generation would be a tripling of the size of our movement to 1000 healthy churches by 2050 (the ‘Gen1K goal’). GEN1K is a bold goal to expand the Kingdom of God in our state and territory.

This would see existing churches (your church) continually renewed for gospel mission, and many, many new churches birthed. Not just to have more churches, but to see lives transformed by the gospel and society changed for the better. This goal will encompass several areas of ministry if it is to be achieved.


Encourage the development in our movement of a culture of prayer that underpins all our activities.


Facilitate the development of closer mutual relationships, deeper trust and partnerships between churches, the Baptist Ministry Centre and the affiliated groups.

Disciple Making

The primary call of Jesus to His church is to GO and make disciples. This calling is the foundation of ministry and mission and is the underpinning principle of GEN1K

Gen1K Mission

To become 1000 healthy churches in a generation our Association will need to grow. We see this being achieved through a focus on community engagement, sharing the Good News and starting new churches.

Gen1K Leadership

Critical to accomplishing the Gen1K goal is a culture of pioneering leadership across our movement that will grow and enable leaders for new work throughout our movement.

Gen1K Health

Assisting churches to develop holistic health is key if this goal is to become reality.  No matter how strong a church is, it is an ongoing journey to remain a thriving, healthy community. To find out more about church revitalisation Click here.

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