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The Baptist movement has a goal of a thousand healthy churches in a generation. A key part of this goal is for every NSW & ACT Baptist church to be linked to a church planting project in some way, either directly or indirectly.

The speed of change in a pluralistic post-COVID 21st Century Australia means that any single church planting strategy is likely to be outdated before it is fully implemented and what works in one context will struggle in another. Diversity is key. Diversity is our strategy. A blended ecology of church plants in which a variety of models and approaches work side by side is a strategic imperative in our context.

Church planting is exciting, risky, challenging and rewarding as we see God work in new ways in the lives of people. As we give ourselves to the mission of Jesus in the world, our own lives and those of people in our churches are enriched.


Dive into the Discernment Process and discover if leading a church plant or joining a team is part of God’s plan for you.

Identify new opportunities through regional mapping and strategic partnerships.


We offer coaching support for you and your planting team as dreams and ideas take form. The annual evangelism and church planting conference, FORM is a festival of new ideas, storytelling, masterclasses, networking, team building and much more.


Broaden your influence by becoming a sending church. For churches looking to plant we have mapping exercises, consultations and the Design Lab to help you understand your region or local area and where God is at work.

Regional Mapping

Groups of churches/regions work with people on the ground to identify potential opportunities through our mapping exercises. They develop these opportunities into new worshipping communities. Contact us to find out more about mapping sessions.