Love your Neighbour

Locally and Globally


Commit yourselves to praying for three vulnerable individuals or groups in your local community and three vulnerable individuals or groups in the world through the end of this year.  We have created a handy graphic to help you list those people and what specific things you are praying for them.

Act Locally


Advocate for vulnerable people in your local community through the Raise the Rate for Good Campaign.  In 2019, Baptist Leaders from around the country met with MP’s to advocate for a raise to the Newstart allowance so that people could cover the basics in living expenses rather than slipping into poverty.  Raise the Rate for Good is a campaign asking for a permanent and adequate increase to JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and related payments to cover the basics.  BaptistCare Australia is a supporting organisation to this campaign.  Visit the campaign website for more information, to sign the petition and to access template letters to write to your local MP about this issue.

Act Globally


Take the campaign pledge through Micah Australia to End Covid for All.  Download a church pack that includes a sermon from Tim Costello, a sample letter for your MP, social media resources and more.  Stand in solidarity with those around the world suffering from Covid-19 and recognise that “it’s not over until it’s over for everyone.”  By supporting this campaign, you are asking the Australian government to support vulnerable nations around the world in their fight to stop the spread of Covid.