Church Planting Programme

SENT is a one year experience that equips missional leaders for ministry in our rapidly changing world. It is for anyone who isn’t simply interested in “content download” but wants to be trained in an environment where practical application, relevant experience, and formation are crucial for learning.

You will have the opportunity to connect with other pioneers who have a dream for planting or missional leadership, as well as be trained by some of our best practitioners and theoreticians inside and outside of our movement.

Participants can enrol in an Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry or Graduate Certificate of Divinity. Individual subjects can also be audited for those who aren’t seeking academic credit.


2023 Semi-Intensive starts in March


  • Leadership and Management (PC035)
  • Church Planting (EM026)
  • Evangelism Principles (EM024)
  • New Testament Early Church (NT002)

Study mode

SENT is a partnership between Morling College and Gen1K Mission. The subjects are offered in a variety of modes, including online, face-to-face and live-streaming. It is cohort based and each participant has the opportunity to be placed in a church plant or to receive coaching from experienced practitioners.

Residency Program

The SENT Residency Program is a finishing school for church planters. A residency is more than an internship, but not quite full-fledged pastoral position. It is experienced based learning embedded within a Resource Church or Church Planting Network who have a goal for church multiplication. Find out more.


Jamie Freeman

Team Leader & Director of Church Planting, Gen1K Mission

Craig Corkill

Senior Pastor at NVBC, Lecture in Leadership & Management

Michael Frost

Director of the Tinsley Institute, Morling College

Tim McBride

Dean of Bible & Theology, Senior Lecturer in New Testament & Preaching, Morling College

Morling 2022 Timetable

PC035 // EM026 // EM024 // NT002


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