The Discernment Process is designed to assess the planter and proposed planting model considering giftedness, support, team, and context. We know there are limitations making this assessment through referees, interviews, a planting proposal and the final presentation to the Gen1K Church Planting Advisory Group, but we believe that we can provide helpful feedback about where each person can serve the Lord given their gifts and opportunities.

Boot Camp

Our yearly church planting conference FORM (4m.org.au) is an excellent opportunity to be equipped, encouraged and to collaborate with other church planters. Church Planters are expected to participate in the boot camp each year and subsidies are available for approved Church Planters and their families.


The research shows that church planters who engage a trained coach are more likely to produce fruit. Therefore, we make this a requirement for all our approved planters and subsidise 50% of the cost.

There are a number of trained planting coaches available and the selection of the coach is done in conversation with the planter and the Church Planting Facilitator/Regional Consultant


SENT is our annual Church Planting Certificate, taught in conjunction with Morling College. As a one-year part-time experience, pioneering church planting leaders will be equipped to take the gospel to the world.




Support around finance and administration is a crucial part of church planting. There are many forms of direct and indirect financial support are available from the Gen1K Church Planting Advisory Group, depending on the needs and situation of each church plant.

Church plants are also able to access administrative assistance and advice in areas such as insurance, financial responsibilities, etc.

Financial and admin support is offered in 5 major forms as outlined below and all financial support will be provided from the Gen1K Fund and within the rules of that Fund.

1. Seeding Grants

Seeding grants are one-off payments; standard amount up to $10,000. Larger grants may be available in certain circumstances. They are designed to assist with costs incurred in the early stages of life of the plant. Applicants must be approved church plants.

2. Missional Loans

Missional Loans are also available to approved plants. Different planting models will have different needs, and it is expected that this will be taken into account as applications are assessed.

  • Zero or low interest loans up to $25,000. In certain circumstances loans may be made up to $50,000, however the plant would need to strongly demonstrate the capacity to repay the loan over the allowable term.
  • Loans are repaid over a maximum term of 5 years.
  • Loan is provided and administered by Baptist Financial Services Australia Limited.
  • Other support such as security is provided by Gen1K Fund if needed to meet lending conditions of BFS.
3.Loans to Acquire or Develop Property

Available to approved plants making their first property purchase. Different planting models will have different needs, and it is expected that this will be taken into account as applications are assessed.

  • Zero interest for up to the first 5 years, interest is capped to 5%pa for up to a further 5 years.
  • Repaid over a maximum term of 25 years.
  • Maximum amount is 60% of total cost or $450,000, whichever is the lower.
  • Loan is provided and administered by Baptist Financial Services Australia Limited.
  • Other support such as security is provided by Gen1K Fund if needed to meet lending conditions of BFS. This support is normally only provided for up to 7 years.
4. Property Acquisition

In limited cases the Association will acquire property strategically and may make such property available to an approved church plant on such terms as may be mutually agreed, for example at a reduced rental cost for the first 5 years. Generally, such property will be held by the NSW & ACT Baptist Churches Property Trust on behalf of the Association for an agreed period, the aim being for the church to purchase or take ownership of the property from the Association at a specified time in the future, subject to terms agreed. Approval by the Assembly Council is required.

5. Indirect Support
  1. Assistance with insurance coverage – public liability and voluntary workers cover. Provided free of charge while the plant is under the Gen1K Church Planting umbrella, up to a maximum of 5 years. <Contact> Tim Williams, Insurance Manager.
  2. Partnering opportunities – The Advisory Group will work alongside approved plants to assist them in establishing support relationships. <Contact> Jamie Freeman
  3. Equipping planters to raise support – Training is offered to equip church planters in the task of raising support. <Contact> Jamie Freeman
  4. Equipping planters to teach stewardship principles – Resources are available to assist planters with the important task of teaching stewardship to core groups and newly planted congregations. <Contact> Jamie Freeman
  5. Subsidised coaching – Approved church planters are eligible for subsidised ongoing coaching when it is provided by a recognised Gen1K Planting Coach. Maximum of one session per month, for up to 3 years. Reviewed annually. <Contact> Jamie Freeman.
  6. Subsidised training – Approved church planters are eligible for subsidises at training events like the annual conference. <Contact> Jamie Freeman.
  7. Auspicing: Sometimes church plants need to enter lease agreements or sign applications, contracts etc and are unable to do so in their own name. The Baptist Association will consider requests from approved plants to ‘stand in’ on behalf of the plant in these situations. Each request will be considered on its merits, with regard to any potential risks and responsibilities that may arise to the denomination as a result. Signoff will be by the Director of Ministries on recommendation from the Gen1K Church Planting Advisory Group. <Contact> Jamie Freeman.
  8. Administrative support: Approved church plants receive a church start-up pack that helps navigate the administration requirements. There is the opportunity to talk this through with someone who knows how to set up bank accounts, ABNs etc. <Contact> Heidi Tak
  9. Christian Copyright Licensing International: The basic fee for CCLI will be paid for approved plants for up to 5 years. <Contact> Operations Department

Application and Approval Process

To be eligible for any of the support outlined in this document, plants must first be approved Gen1K Church Plants.

Approved plants wishing to apply for financial support should do so by writing a letter to the Advisory Group. With the letter they should attach a financial plan outlining what the funds will be used for. In the case of loans, the letter should also specify the loan amount applied for, the desired repayment term, and an explanation of how the loan funds will be repaid. A detailed plan relating to both the need for funds and a repayment strategy is required.

We have both funded and unfunded church plants and feel that our obligation to assess and support church planters is not dependant on whether they are receiving direct funding or not. There are however some additional accountability protocols that are put in place when a Church plant receives any form of direct funding.
There is also the establishment of an Advisory Group or support person, depending on the circumstances of the plant and its model. Planters are also encouraged to develop self-care strategies suitable for their needs.

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