2.4 Follow Up Phone Interview

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2.2 Online Guided Self-Reflection

It is not appropriate statistically, nor is it wise spiritually, to say if a person can or cannot plant a church. The purpose of the Online Guided Self-Reflection that includes the Lifeway Church Planter Assessment (CPCA) is to help the potential church planter take...

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2.3 Baptist Association Values

Core values are the building blocks on which we build our lives, our relationships and our actions. Every person has core values that define who they are and without realising it, control who they become. As the Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT, we have defined what...

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2.6 Partnership in Marriage and Ministry

  Church planting and marriage health Problems in the church planter’s marriage and family are amongst the major reasons why church plants fail. In church planting, both husband and wife need to affirm their calling to the task. However, within that shared sense...

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2.7 Church Planter Assessment

The Church Planter Assessment (CPA) is a key element of the Discernment Cycle. It consists of an in-situ observation and behavioural interview designed to identify the necessary character, calling, competencies and connections of a potential church planter. The...

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