2.2 Online Guided Self-Reflection

It is not appropriate statistically, nor is it wise spiritually, to say if a person can or cannot plant a church. The purpose of the Online Guided Self-Reflection that includes the Lifeway Church Planter Assessment (CPCA) is to help the potential church planter take the next step in discerning their unique character, calling, competencies and community in the context of church planting.

Part One: Lifeway CPCA

The Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA) is a statistically validated online assessment instrument which helps potential church planters and their respective organizations identify areas of established strength and other areas needing development as they prepare to plant a church.

What traits should a church planter have? Are there discernible personal qualities evident among those who have planted successfully? Lifeway Research endeavoured to unearth the skills and mindsets common among the most proven church planters. What resulted were specific, measurable characteristics which were consistent among those who have had success in planting churches.

Please follow the steps below to complete the CPCA. It should take 20-30mins and costs $29, which you can pay online.
Once you have completed the assessment tool you will receive a copy of your report, and so will your Church Planting Catalyst.

Part One: To do the Lifeway online assessment:

  1. Go to http://churchplanter.lifeway.com/organization/621/
  2. Then hit the button “Purchase Passcode” and you can buy the code which will let you access the assessment tool. As you go through the checkout you will have to register with Lifeway (doesn’t cost anything and is quick) and set up a password – that is your login details and separate from the access code for the assessment.
  3. Once registered & logged in, go back to the link above and select “Church Planter Login” from the menu on the left. Then in the dialog box hit “Register Passcode” and that will take you through to get set up.
  4. If something like ‘no translation’ comes up on the screen, just click on the little tab on the top left with the word ‘english‘ and it will refresh correctly.
  5. There are 7 assessments to choose from – select the one that says “CPCA Australia”. It will take you about 1/2 an hour. Please don’t do any of the others at this stage.

After you’ve done the assessment you will get an email with your report and so will your Church Planting Catalyst. Please continue to the next step to reflect on your results.

Part Two: Lifeway Reflection

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