3.1 How to Draft a Strategic Plan

We’ve designed this next section to help you draft your strategic plan for your church plant. By answering the questions and supplying the required information under each heading you will achieve a thorough, well researched, prayerful and inspired plan.

However please choose the information relevant to your model, not all models require this much information. These guidelines are intended to equip and empower you, not to drown you.

The order is set out in the format you may wish to use for your document, and follows the three elements of strategic planning described above: strategic direction, strategic analysis and action planning.

If you would like to fill in the fields as you go, your church plant strategic plan will be automatically generated from your answers. You can click “save” in the bottom righthand corner of the page at any point and log back in to continue.

Once you’ve completed the strategic plan you can either upload it in PDF form or click “review and submit” from your online version and the document will be sent to the Gen1K Church Planting Advisory Group who will then arrange a time to discuss this with you.

If you have any questions or would like feedback along the way, please contact your regional Church Planting Catalyst (PICTURE IN THE TOP RIGHT) or the Director of Church Planting (PICTURE UNDERNEATH CATALYST).

3.2 Principles of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning sets the direction of the new initiative. In the diagram above (can Kim please make something nice here!), the strategy is the road that takes the church plant in the right direction, towards its vision. The strategy or path is guided by the purpose...

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3.1 Benefits of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is vital to the process of new initiatives. Strategic planning:   Clearly defines the mission of the new evangelistic initiative (church plant) Clearly articulates the vision of the plant. Sets out the purpose of the new church and establishes...

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